Who Builds Your Relationships?

Mid-level donors are important enough to think of in terms beyond just money. A nonprofit and a donor can have a real and fulfilling relationship, real and fulfilling on both ends of the fundraising exchange.

Speaking during the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference in National Harbor, Md., Jeff Schreifels of the Veritus Group and Chaz Watson of The Salvation Army emphasized the idea of organizations working to build relationships with mid-level donors.

They said that building a relationship includes the following considerations:

Who builds relationships?

  • Mid-level representatives: They have above average verbal and written communication skills; They are warm and personal; They are comfortable soliciting a donor for a gift; They are detailed; They are curious; and, They are customer-service oriented.

With whom do organizations build relationships?

  • Developing donor caseloads: 600-750 donors per caseload; Recency, Amount, Lifetime giving; and, Tiering A-D

What do organizations communicate?

  • A mix of key messages over a 12-month period; What is the donor’s passion and interest?; How would they like to make an impact: Large, planned, recurring (careful not to downgrade)?; Reporting back; Major campaigners; Acknowledgements/Thank you; Surveys; and, Soliciting.