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Test What Messaging Your Heroes Will Like

Little known fact: Commissioner Gordon originally built three bat signals and let Batman decide which one he liked better shining in the night sky. OK, we’re just kidding. But just because it doesn’t work that way in the comic books, doesn’t mean that you can’t test out the kind of calls to action your organization’s heroes respond to best.

Gaby Gollub, senior online marketing specialist for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Ryan Wallace, director of digital media for Operation Smile, discussed the importance of making donors feel heroic and tips to making them feel that way during their presentation, “‘You Are a Hero!’ Emails that Raise More,” at bbcon 2017 in Baltimore, Md. Wallace and Gollub provided tips for testing such messaging during the session and strategies organizational marketers might consider in seeking out what works best for supporters. Suggested ideas included:

  • Make it personal. Think about making the “From” line of your email from an actual person as opposed to the organization. Place the supporter’s name in the subject line. Look for other ways to make first-person touches such as “Renew my membership” as opposed to “Renew your membership;”
  • Let them know that they are part of your Justice League. Share quotes from other donors in organizational messaging. Provide progress reports concerning organizational goals that the donor is helping build toward; and,
  • Provide them with opportunities to show off the good that they have done. Offer digital badges for donors. Ask them to share their donation or means of support on social media.

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