Targeting Donor Segments Online

Segmentation has been established as an integral part of fundraising, but George Weiner of WholeWhale recommends using targeted segments on an organization’s website.

He offers several ideas for creating those segments:

* Build the segment by region that targets the 20 richest cities for users who visit key pages of the site.
* Build the segment by an action taken, such as visiting the pages related to the background of the organization/financials/impact/board of directors, or that might suggest someone doing research and getting ready to donate. This can also include pages only sent to people via email, which can also add to the organization’s email list.
* Target ad networks that rich people visit. Think about luxury goods and use those placements for digital ads.
* Target people who came close but didn’t quite pull the trigger. These people are a key group for ads that give them a second chance.
* Target users who showed some level of interest already: people who watched a certain video, downloaded a resource, etc. They are better poised to donate than just an average site visitor.
* Carve out a segment of the site for visitors who best match the known characteristics of the organization’s donors.
* Use these tactics in tandem with other creative and compelling social media, email and web-based marketing strategies.