Showing up to the office as you

As people struggle to cope with the world, in either a small or large sense, they make decisions or perform actions that have far-reaching consequences. Very often, people do things one day they would not the next. Still, they have to construct some kind of coherent life, personally or for others.

In her book “So Far From Home” Margaret J. Wheatley offers several questions people can ask themselves at the end of the day to see how they did to make a better world. She advises that nobody should try to answer all of these questions at the end of any single day. But, her questions can help provide some kind of guidance. She puts them under the heading of Who Showed Up as Me Today?

  • How present was I for people today? What pulled me away from staying present?
  • How often did I get triggered today? Can I identify those triggers? Were there any new ones I could notice?
  • How good a listener was I today? Did I catch myself when I wasn’t listening well? Did I refrain from interrupting or giving instant advice?
  • Where did I act aggressively today: wanting to get my own way; thinking of how to get back at someone; pushing through a crowd?
  • How often did I act from true generosity, not wanting something in return?
  • Did I let fear get inside me today? How did I respond?