Putting Donors’ ‘DUXs’ In A Row

The average email user only opens 14 percent of fundraising emails they receive. Are your emails being opened, or tossed straight into the digital trash bin, never seeing the light of day?

Encouraging potential supporters to open your emails is the first step to acquiring new donors, and that is why it is essential to pay attention to the Donor User eXperience. To maximize DUX, you have to consider what donors see in their inbox. Focus on these three elements to get a donor inside your email:

  • Your sender;
  • Your subject line; and,
  • Your preview text (the copy you see under the sender in the email).

Your donors will first look to see the sender. Is it from a person, the organization, or a special email address? Splitting your group and investigating which sender receives the highest open rate can address this concern.

Next, focus on your subject line. Things to try are including the recipient’s name or using “FW:” or “RE:.” Other test ideas include using a straightforward fundraising subject versus one focused on your mission or using a question versus a statement.

It is important to keep the recipient engaged within the email. The first thing people see in your email is the header. If your header only includes a logo, try using additional text to motivate. Your call to action also matters: does it mention your donor and the need, or does it simply say something like “give now?”

Maximizing the post-giving experience is the icing on the cake. Your landing page should seal the deal after donors click through. For a fundraising message, it is critical that the ask string makes sense for your donor. If your donor’s previous gift was $500, and the landing page starts at $35, that could give the impression you don’t know your donor. The post-donation landing page should thank your donor and give them further opportunities to engage.