Perceived Personal Impact Motivates Big Donors

High net worth donors are most often motivated by the opportunity to make a difference, according to a study recently cited by the Fundraising Resource Group.

The study, “The 2014 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy,” also listed “personal satisfaction,” as the second-highest motivating factor, said to motivate givers just more than 73 percent of the time. Making a difference was cited as a factor in 74 percent of participants’ giving.

“The Messy Side of Major Gift Fundraising,” was presented by Daniel Neel, president of the Fundraising Resource Group, during the recent National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC) held in National Harbor, Md.

High net worth donors also reported the following factors as being critical to their philanthropic motivation. Each is followed by the percentage of motivation the factor created:

  • Desire to support the same causes/organizations year after year – 66 percent
  • Giving back to community – 62.7 percent
  • When you are on the board or volunteer for the organization – 61.8 percent
  • Because of your political or philosophical beliefs – 49. 7 percent
  • To remedy issues that affect you or those close to you –44.6 percent
  • Spontaneous giving in response to a need – 43.9 percent
  • Because of religious beliefs – 40.1 percent
  • To honor another with a memorial gift – 39.7 percent
  • To receive a tax benefit – 34.4 percent
  • A desire to set an example for future generations – 33.2 percent
  • When you are asked – 28.5 percent
  • Social norms, business interests – 10.2 percent