When News Breaks, You Can Fix It

The 24-hour news cycle breaks news as often as bakers crack eggs. How will your organization be prepared when the news highlights causes related to your mission? Being prepared with a plan to act quickly can make or break if your nonprofit is heard or lost in the noise.

    Two industry professionals seasoned in quick response to breaking news are Wendy Marinaccio Husman, account director at Donordigital and Whitney Broadwell, senior resource development officer at International Medical Corps. The pair gave a session at the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference earlier this year titled: “Use the News: How to Fundraise When the Media Spotlight Shines on Your Organization’s Mission” addressing some key tips to being prepared when news hits:

  • Prepare a fundraising and communications plan in advance and implement that plan as quickly as possible when your mission is in the spotlight.
  • When a story hits, you are competing with others for attention, therefore perfect might be the enemy of good. Success after one event increases the likelihood of success in the next one. Supporters and media outlets will look to you again.
  • Digital fundraising channels are a perfect fit for a quick response. Your website, email messages, and Facebook posts can all be quickly adjusted.
  • Be nimble with an Emergency/Media Alert email template and a donation form ready to clone.
  • Your organization can go even further with agreements with celebrities or corporate sponsors regarding their support.
  • Ensure you have source coding or tracking systems in place so you are able to track your success with different platforms.