You Need Ruthless Energy To Succeed

Time can be an enemy for many people. They just seem to need more than they have at any point.

If lack of time poses problems for people, there is another area that can be equally defeating: lack of energy. Many people find that problems at work or at home, or a combination, have the effect of weakening anyone, and the resulting lethargy can have serious effects.

In her book “Thoughtfully Ruthless,” Val Wright emphasizes the idea of managing energy by being thoughtfully ruthless about it. She maintains that there are three critical ways to do this:

* Be sure you are in your perfect job doing perfect work. Any role or job title can change over time from what it was originally. That is why people need to periodically ask themselves what makes their eyes sparkle in their ideal job and whether they are in it right now.

* Check your ROE. Leaders are familiar with return on investment (ROI), but they rarely know about return on energy (ROE). Many people spend excessive energy on thoughts, activities, purchases, possibilities or pondering that is simply not worth the effort. Wasted energy can’t be retrieved. Children can be a great role model here because they do before they think and waste very little effort considering or contemplating.

* Burst your bubble. Inside the bubble are longtime friends, trusted work colleagues and familiar acquaintances. It’s comfortable, but it won’t let anyone stretch, grow and be energized.