Multichannel solicitation takes multichannel plan

Multichannel donors have higher retention, tend to make larger and more gifts, and have a higher lifetime value. So what is your nonprofit waiting for?

The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), held in Washington, D.C., offered up a panel titled “DIY: Blueprints for Building Your Multichannel Fundraising Campaigns.”

Sarah Alexander, deputy organizing director for Food and Water Watch; Mwosi Swenson, vice president, client services at Donordigital, and Kevin Conroy, chief product officer at GlobalGiving, suggested several tips to get started with multichannel integration. In addition to creating more loyal and valuable donors, multichannel integration can create a consistent user experience while sharing content across channels, which can help to break through the noise.

To get started with multichannel integration, the trio outlined the following tips:

  • Set a goal: How do you measure your outcome? What does success look like?
  • Identify key stakeholders: Don’t fight over credit for new donors or money.
  • Get them to the table
  • Have a calendar and systems that work: Does your system allow you to track what you need?
  • Start small
  • Track progress
  • Analyze the data
  • Make changes based on what the data says
  • Don’t jump off the cliff – unless it’s fun: Not all of these tips will work for all organizations. Just because another nonprofit did something, it won’t necessarily work for yours.