When mission is NOT accomplished

Talent, dedication and fairness are necessary attributes for leaders, but something can still be missing if a leader lacks a sense of passion for the mission or organization. That lack can then be transmitted to employees, with the result that the entire organization sags. Mission not accomplished.

In his book “Seven Disciplines of a Leader” Jeff Wolf writes that highly effective leaders across industries have shared suggestions for increasing workplace passion.

  • Take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. No leader can survive the daily onslaught of professional demands without fuel.
  • Find nourishment in the best parts of your life. This can be family, hobbies, almost anything.
  • Stay optimistic. Pessimists lack passion, but optimists find ways to create it.
  • Take control of your fears. Even the most passionate leaders can sabotage their best ideas by capitulating to crippling fears.
  • Branch out. Burnout can be extinguished by pursuing new responsibilities or services.
  • Find a respected mentor, and expand your social network. Don’t expect to feel passionate about a job if you lack guidance and social connections.
  • Keep a focus on the team. Reclaim the passion by remembering that work is a team sport, and it’s up to the leader to model positive behaviors.