Making An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Donors want to give, but they want to give because they want to do good in one way or another.

Speaking during the Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference at National Harbor, Md., Jann Schultz of Project HOPE and Jeff Brooks of TrueSense Marketing said that asking people for money can be successful if it is presented as an offer, an offer for people to make the world a better place.

They said donors need the following:

  • A problem to solve. “We have tons of lifesaving medical supplies on hand. It’s all urgently needed in poverty zones. Every $1 you give will ship $105 worth of medicine and supplies.”
  • Evidence of success. “This is Johanna. She carried her daughter on her back to reach the clinic for medical treatment. Her daughter is alive today, thanks to you.”
  • A story to tell. “I sent thousands of dollars worth of medicine to sick people.”They said that the offer is the story and the story is the offer. Therefore, it is necessary to make the organization’s story the donor’s story. That means:
  • Say “you” constantly;
  • Put the donor in the story;
  • Keep the organization’s heart on its sleeve; and,
  • Put the donor in the action. Fundraising is about the action the donor can take, not about the action the organization takes.