“Lucky” 13 Trends You Need To Understand
nonprofit management tips

It isn’t always easy to know which way the t rends are tending, but in the world of fundraising it can be very helpful to know what’s going on.

During the Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference at National Harbor, Md., Sarah Di Julio of M+R and Vinnie Wishrad of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) offered a look at online trends that are showing positive results through the nonprofit sector. Among the highlights:

  • More email all the time. There have been steady increases in online revenue since 2010.
  • Unsubscribe optimization. In 2014, 1,575 donors to Oxfam used the “Stop Emailing Me Until After the Election” option, out of which 1,200 are still deliverable, and they donated more than $25,000 since November 2014.
  • Death of the opt-in.
  • Sustaining giving. LCV saw 15.94 percent fewer one-time gifts but 50 percent more in monthly gifts and a 20 percent increase in long-term revenue per visitor.
  • Crowdfunded campaign. Most project ideas are like fitting square pegs into the round hole of Kickstarter; but Kickstarter drives a huge portion of revenue.
  • All in one day. On PETA’s Giving Tuesday, half of email gifts were from first-time online donors.
  • Ask amounts. Ask for a lot, but test and control to ask for more.
  • Social pressure. Nudge to prospects.
  • Email design. Typeface, size, etc.
  • Digital ads. Donor acquisition advertising display.
  • Retargeting ads for membership programs.
  • Social sharing.
  • Content marketing.