Local And National Need To Blend Together

A good sushi roll is not only based on what’s inside, but how it is wrapped up and presented to you. You can’t be a great chef without taste and presentation. So if local branches make up your organization, you’ve got to have a unified brand to bring your message from good to great.

During the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference in National Harbor, Md., Amy Dillon, CEO of the Girls Inc., chapter in Shelbyville, Ind., Laura Goodwin, director of fund development learning for the national office of Girls Inc., and Leslie Renner, director of individual giving and corporate partnerships for the organization presented “Engaging Champions: Building a Mission-Based Leadership Giving Program.”

The trio evaluated the effects of their Champions for Girls campaign through a case study of the Shelbyville, Ind., branch of Girls Inc. and gave the following advice to fundraisers seeking to kick start similar campaigns:

  • Create a network-wide society. This is not the same as a “national society” that affiliates can just join, but creates an opportunity to leverage network-wide stewardship and engagement. Research says that not only is this the best practice among peers and other sectors, but that donors expect it.
  • Choose a unifying name, look, and case for giving that encourages donors to give their support when launching a new branding campaign.
  • When rolling out a national campaign locally, use branding consistent with the national campaign but make your case with local impact stories.
  • Educate on the diverse way your organization assists nationally and locally to show the stewardship of your organization.