Giving Platform Helps Solve Problems (Sponsored Content)
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One of the coolest parts of working with nonprofits all over the country is that we get unprecedented insight into the day-to-day routines of fundraising professionals who are funding amazing work around the world.

Those same nonprofits have helped us build an online platform that helps make their lives easier. They’ve suggested tools and enhancements, given feedback on how our features could be better, and have beta-tested everything from integrations to fundraising thermometers.

10 years later, Qgiv’s platform is centered on making it easy for nonprofits to raise money no matter where their donors are… and our clients are doing amazing things with the tools they’ve helped develop. From the text giving feature that helped one of our clients raise $84,000 in 24 hours to the peer-to-peer platform that a school used to fund a fully-accessible playground, every part of Qgiv’s suite of tools has been built entirely to help nonprofits raise the money they  need to make a difference in their world.

Our nonprofit friends also asked us to solve some of their biggest fundraising problems; they needed a platform that lets them explore new fundraising strategies without a bunch of restrictions and limitations. So we re-imagined the way nonprofits work with us; now, they enjoy:

  • No contracts
  • Unlimited users, donation forms, events, and more
  • Flexible pricing which lets them try new features with no commitment
  • Unlimited support from real people who want them to succeed
  • Open lines of communication for offering feedback or exchanging ideas
  • And a platform that’s built around their needs

The Qgiv community is growing every day, and our platform is growing along with it. If you’re looking for an online fundraising platform that gives you room to grow without limiting your options, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 888-855-9595 or contact us here.