Forget the Boomers – for now

Ah, the Baby Boomers, those many, many, children born within the 20 years after the end of World War II, when those members of the Greatest Generation who served their country through the cataclysm returned home and started families.

The Boomers went through many changes during their lifetimes, the Vietnam war being one that is especially memorable, but there were others.

There are so many of them that any fundraiser would salivate over looking at that group as a great source for prospecting. And Boomers can be a good place to seek support for a variety of worthwhile causes.

Except … Bequests.

During the 2015 National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC) event and exposition, representatives of the Sharpe Group said that Baby Boomers, as numerous as they are and as generous as they are, are not a key target for bequests.

And that is because:

Boomers are aged 51 to 69. That was old when they were born. It isn’t any longer. Bequest donors tend to be older;

The oldest Boomers are just entering the estate planning phase. This is something many of them avoided early in their lives;

Few will die during the next 15 years. People live longer now, and this group will really push that limit; and,

They are not at the right stage for testamentary gifts.

So, forget them – for now.