Finding donors via illumination
nonprofit management tips

Trying to understand the way your donors think to improve customer experience can seem an impossible code to crack, but journey mapping can be the cipher.

  • In “Revolutionizing Relationships with Journey Mapping,” presented by Jessica Lewis, senior consultant, strategic services hjc, and Vivienne Chartrand, annual giving coordinator, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the pair discussed the key to successful journey mapping and applying it to your own organization.
  • Review your overall program to determine key personas to map. Meeting with key stakeholders can assist in identifying opportunities and gaps in your current methods;
  • When developing personas, go beyond surface questions and really think about what they would be like. Where do they shop? What sort of media do they consume? The deeper you go, the more successful the journey mapping will be. Additionally, incorporating data from donor survey responses and CRM data back your ideas up with facts;
  • Include representatives from different departments to get a full understanding of the donor experience;
  • Review your persona’s donation experience beginning with why they made their first donation to each of the following solicitations they received. This establishes moments that matter and potential gripes that your persona may have; and,
  • After reviewing new ideas to improve donor experiences, make people accountable and set goats to carry the ideas forward.