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Engaging those around you breeds success

Believe it or not, there are people who somehow fail to notice your brilliance, yet they still take up space on this earth, even in your organization.

Good leadership, bringing out the best in people and reaching for the stars involves more than just being sharp. It means reaching out to people, learning something about them, making them feel valued and helping them to learn.

In her book “Brilliance by Design” Vicki Halsey boiled it down to one word: engage. Toward that end, she suggests the following best practices when formal learning programs are undertaken:

  • Capture the attention and align the learning with the deep interest of the learners.
  • Fill the learning time with interactive skill-building activities so the learner can handle, feel, massage, use and apply the new learning.
  • Inspire learners to drill down to make the connections they need to deepen understanding, make the knowledge their own and apply it in their own way.
  • Consider the variety of ways people learn best and incorporate a multisensory approach to learning the content that includes novelty, creativity and playfulness.
  • Incorporate the practice of reflecting and stretching the learners’ minds by thinking differently from the way they normally do.
  • Create an environment in which people feel safe to practice, make mistakes, take risks and learn.
  • Make people feel smart throughout the process by giving them consistent encouragement and useful, authentic affirmation.

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