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Energizing Your Board For Campaign Success

Campaign success happens from the top down, so if you want a success, make sure your board is energized and engaged.

Be certain your board chairman is a fundraising advocate and a strong fundraising role model for the organization, said Msgr. John J. Enzler, president and CEO of Catholic Charities of Washington.

Msgr. Enzler and Robert Rice, a principal in the organization, shared this advice during a presentation at the National Catholic Development Conference, which was held in National Harbor, Md.

Board members should be analyzed each year for participation in annual fundraising, they said. Also, use the campaign to educate, train and recruit board members.

The board should be briefed on campaign rationale, goals and progress. A subset of board leaders can be trained to focus on specific areas, including prospect development and solicitation. And, board volunteers should be assigned to prospects with heavy staff follow up, they said.

Another suggestion Enzler and Rice had was to ask the board members to mobilize behind a collective gift to the campaign.


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