“E” or not, it’s still mail

Email is not all that different than mail — and not just because of the letter “e.” But seriously, sometimes even boring or basic is better, at least when it comes to crafting your organization’s email messages.

Keep it simple was the message among a group of nonprofit experts during a recent fundraising conference that included Lori Burns, senior vice president at Russ Reid Company; Christine Shiloski, senior account executive for Mal Warwick Associates/Donordigital; Luke Vander Linden, formerly vice president and senior marketing director at of Carl Bloom Associates, and Ami Tripi, president of Tripi Consulting.

Among their suggestions to connect with your charity’s audience were:

  • Avoid mistakes before seeking brilliance;
  • Be honest and straightforward, truthful and believable;
  • Try to really show the need of people you help instead of just asking for the donation;
  • Remove barriers to give;
  • Make your copy and design clear;
  • Always state a clear, specific call to action;
  • Make a personal connection in your letter; and,
  • Make your reply device stand out.