Diversity in the interviewing and onboarding process

Choosing the right person to fill a leadership role in an organization is essential to the collaboration of a team and the ongoing success of an organization. But, finding the right person can be a difficult process.
During a recent session at the AICPA Not-For-Profit Industry Conference, Joan Pastor, president of JPA International Inc., gave a talk entitled “The Benefits of Considering Diversity and the Importance of Succession Planning,” addressing the importance of embracing diversity in the interviewing and onboarding process for new employees in leadership positions. Some of the points she addressed were:

  • Reviewing your organization’s culture to find the best “fit” for a position. What are your organization’s rituals, routines, power structures, and control systems? Having a clear image of these things will help determine the most qualified candidate.
  • Overcoming stereotypes in the interviewing process is essential to finding the right candidate.
  • Evidence shows that the most successful organizations truly do not care about your age, gender, or ethnicity. The most important aspects of a good employee are flexibility and enjoying what they do.
  • To minimize bias and increase innovation, it is important to know where you want your organization to go and to elicit candidates’ ideas to assess character and creativity.
  • Additionally, using objective and independent professional assessments helps foster diversity when seeking candidates for influential positions.

    By embracing the many diverse qualities candidates bring to the table in a job interview, it is possible to assess applicants in a fair, objective way that will ensure their fit in the position.