The Digital Landscape For Nonprofits

To be effective in the mobile world, you must commit to being there in the micro-moments that truly matter to your organization. What are micro-moments? They are the moments when people want help informing their choices or making decisions.

For your organization, these moments are an open invitation to engage, and they are the moments for which you must be ready. What are the most-searched topics for your organization’s brand or category (environment, animal rights, literacy, etc.)? Try these searches on your mobile device. Is your organization there, and do you like what you see?

Visitors get to your website in various ways — referrals, email, paid media, direct, etc. Once they get to your site, what do they do? Do they find what they need? Do they do what you want them to do—or not?

There are four aspects to remember about micro-moments, explained Geneviève Larose, account supervisor, and Duong Thai, director, digital, at Cornerstone Group of Companies in Toronto during their session “The Digital Landscape for Nonprofits—Google and Beyond” at the 2016 AFP Toronto Congress:

  1. Be there. You must anticipate donors’ micro-moments.
  2. Be useful. You must be relevant to prospects’ needs in the moment and give them the answers they are looking for.
  3. Be quick. What is the key action you want prospects to take on your mobile site or app? Mobile users want to know, go and take action immediately. How long does it take to perform it? If more than a few minutes, it’s time to streamline. The mobile experience must be swift and seamless.
  4. Connect the dots across channels and teams. Micro-moments are not about performance or branding or even digital technology. They are about the donors, which makes such moments everyone’s job.