Develop a culture that envelops the organization

It is even more important than ever to have a board populated by bright individuals who can devote time, talent, energy and, yes, money to he organization.

Increasing pressures, including but not limited to financial pressures, can add urgency to the task of getting and keeping a good board, just as increasing pressures can make board membership more difficult for some people.

Speaking during an international conference on fundraising, Roberta Healey of Aurora Philanthropic Consulting emphasized the importance of a good board culture within and organization. A committed board is not just one with talented people, however. Commitment also means a willingness to donate and draw in money. Successfully integrating philanthropy as a revenue stream into he business plan means integrating philanthropy into the ongoing roles of board and staff.

Healey said that a way to help ensure a good board culture, so necessary for a good organizational culture, is to pose the following questions to members of a board.

Do you and your fellow board members …

  • Give enough so you care how it is spent?
  • Give what is of real value to you (it will then be of value to the organization)?
  • Give at a level in proportion to your financial capacity?