Deciding When It Is Time To Hire

Tighter budgets and increased demand for services make decisions about staffing difficult, to put it mildly. The need never goes away, but sometimes the money does. And, someone is in the middle of trying to balance those conflicting pressures.

Hello. Glad you went to work today? Sometimes organizations have to expand, whether that means hiring is another matter.

During the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference at National Harbor, Md., Nadine Gabai-Botero of Focus Fundraising LLC, Joan Geiger Wood of Joan Wood & Company LLC and Isabelle Blanco of the Foundation Center gave a few tips about the decision to hire help. They suggested:

* RFP. Be clear and specific. Think of: Background, Goals, Audience, Scope, Deliverables, Timeline and Budget;

* Posting. Get it to the right people. Examples: Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Resource Directory AFP chapter; AFP DC Consultant’s Affinity Group; LinkedIn; and, Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) Resource Directory

* Hiring. Hire good people. Think of: Good style fit; Goals and timeline match; Negotiating a fair rate; and, AFP code of ethics on commissions

* Managing. Avoid “scope creep;” Focus on deliverables; Establish clear points of contact; Hold regular meetings; Monitor progress; and, Be transparent if needs change