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When It Comes To Staff: Train To Gain

The nonprofit section is more competitive than ever before in terms of hiring the best talents, so keeping them in tip-top shape is easier, and more critical, than ever before.

Talent, and fundraising, are the two critical factors linked inextricably to any solid development office, said Msgr. John J. Enzler, president and CEO of Catholic Charities of Washington, who shared his insights recently at the National Catholic Development Conference, which was held Oct. 10 in National Harbor, Md.
Father Enzler suggested the following ways to keep staff on the top of their game:

  • Encourage staff to attend conferences and become involved with professional associations;
  • Cultivate an environment that supports and rewards education and professional development;
  • Offer opportunities for internal training and learning; and,
  • Include staff in strategic planning.


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