Chaos Can Be Harnessed For Good

The world looks chaotic, and anyone can (and does) say that the workplace is a place of chaos. What then is a manager to do?

In his book “Embrace the Chaos,” Bob Miglani offers insights into understanding, accepting and dealing with what appears to be all chaos all the time. He suggests the following:

* Remember that life is uncertain;

* You cannot control the chaos. You can control you;

* Let go of plans gone wrong. Things have a way of working out at the end;

* You are never alone;

* Don’t over think. Don’t over analyze. Don’t over plan. Don’t try to predict the future;

* You can adapt to anything; you just don’t know it yet;

* Worrying about what’s coming next will make you miss the best times of your life;

* Daily rituals serve to remind us to start participating in life;

* Focusing on your own actions moves you through the distractions;

* Waiting for perfection will get you nowhere;

* Serving a purpose or a person helps to pull you forward;

* You’re not going to get there in a straight line;

* You can answer all your own questions; and,

* Remember the “butterfly effect.” In a complex, fast, interconnected system with lots of little actions performed by billions of actors, one tiny action an lead to a major, unpredictable shift.