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You Can Make Anything Taste Good

The right marketing can make anything appealing, even broccoli to a five-year-old.

During a session called “Acting Like a Big Brand” at the Cause Marketing Forum annual conference in Chicago, presenters talked about the current skewed food marketing landscape and proposed ideas as to what nonprofit and for-profit partners can do to change it.

Ryan D. Shadrick Wilson, chief strategy officer and general counsel for Partnership for a Healthier America spoke about the organization’s campaign called FNV, or Fruits and Vegetables. By creating a campaign with memorable content and social media extension that encourages sharing, nonprofits can mimic this approach.

Children see 5,500 ads on television for junk food per year versus only 100 ads for healthy foods. Research shows that kids are more likely to pick foods endorsed by celebrities, even if it is fruit. FNV has more than 70 celebrities, including first lady Michelle Obama.

The impressions across the board were positive. Engagement on Twitter was 2.79 percent versus the industry standard of .07 percent. Engagement on Facebook was 3.57 percent versus the industry standard of .65 percent

Additionally, FNV used billboards and posters to spread their message, making the campaign visible to all age groups.

Research showed that 70 percent of the people aware of the FNV campaign said they purchased and ate more produce after seeing or hearing about the campaign.

With these successful results, FNV campaign leaders plan to expand their national reach this year. By employing an effective and clever advertising campaign, nonprofit organizations can too draw national media attention and improve their bottom line.

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