From Buddy To Boss In 5 Easy Steps

Promotion is a way of recognizing talent, rewarding hard work and ensuring continuity within an organization.

Promoting one employee from among the ranks can have its drawbacks, however, if the promoted employee is now in a position of supervising people who previously were peers or close personal friends.

    Monica Wofford, CEO of the leadership training and consulting firm Contagious Companies, Inc., says that promotions create many changes, and when roles shift people can shift how they view a manager. Wofford offers five ways by which making a smooth, speedy transition while preventing a strong drop in results.

  • Clarify the supervisor’s role and theirs. When things change, people can either get stuck in the old ways or fail to see the new reality. Wofford recommends that a new supervisor ask his/her new supervisor about expectations and pass them along to the people now being supervised.
  • Set clear expectations. It is a good idea to provide the people who will be supervised with a model and examples, to set out a clear picture of expectations.
  • Align expectations with employees. This involved looking at who people are rather than just how to lead them.
  • Hire for attitude and teach skill. Observe where they do well and where they struggle.
  • Keep your shirt on. Some people will need time to adjust. Not all employees will embrace the new boss’s role, or jump to produce faster on the first day, and that’s all right.