Board Members As Fundraising Heroes

Not all board members are the same, so it would be a wise strategy to not approach them all in the same way when it comes to fundraising.

    In her new book, “Nonprofit Hero: Five Easy Steps to Successful Board Fundraising,” Valerie M. Jones, CFRE, of Media, Pa.-based Valerie M. Jones Associates, breaks down the process of through five specific steps:

  • Thank. Most people find it easier to thank donors than to ask them to give. Saying thank you is polite and thanking is one of the easiest ways to hold on to your current donors.
  • Engage. Tell your donors what you did with their money and involve them further, otherwise your donor interactions will continue in a cycle of asking and thanking.
  • Research. Before collecting new information about donors, make sure you have captured and can manage what you already know. As a board member, you might be able to provide guidance that’s not found online.
  • Cultivate. Donors want to get to know your nonprofit before contributing, and just like dating before marriage, the purpose of cultivation is for both parties to discern if it’s a match. You want to know who is willing and able to give.
  • Ask. By the time you reach the fifth step, you should know that the person you’re approaching is willing to help. The top reason people give is because someone they know asked them and they wanted to help.