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Active fundraising boards push groups past goal

The idea of getting a board to take an active part in fundraising might get a reaction of “So, what’s new?” in the nonprofit sector, but in fact board involvement still can make a big difference.

A study from the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, “Engaging Board Members in Fundraising,” reported that 60 percent of organizations in which board members helped with fundraising reached their fundraising goals, compared to 53 percent of organizations in which board members did not work at fundraising.

The findings also showed that this fundraising help did not come exclusively from board member donations. While member contributions can be helpful, more funds come from various types of solicitations made by them.

The report also enumerated the different methods organizations used to get board members to participate in fundraising:

  • Allowing the use of board members’ names in solicitations and other materials;
  • Chairing fundraising events;
  • Helping develop fundraising plans;
  • Hosting a fundraising event;
  • Making personal introductions to potential donors;
  • Securing sponsorships from companies;
  • Seeking contributions from friends or associates;
  • Sharing their contact lists;
  • Thanking donors;
  • Rating prospective donors on their ability to give; and,
  • Visiting prospective donors.

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