9 Elements Of Galvanizing The Team

Assembling and then keeping a winning team is an ongoing task, one that involves many complexities. Just ask someone who has done it.

One important part of that is galvanizing the team, writes Val Wright in her book “Thoughtfully Ruthless.” For Wright, the secret to galvanizing a team is in the sequencing, with nine crucial first steps.

* Stop leadership team development. Pause first until the team that is going to lead for the next three years is in place.

* Pay attention to what you are rewarding. Many organizations ask for teamwork but reward individual performance.

* Establish shared goals. Get clear on where the team is to work together and where to act independently.

* Look ahead three years and build the team now. Repositioning and hiring the team should be the top priority.

* Set the team up for success. If there are new leaders, increase their probability of success by giving them a clear plan for getting on board.

* Remember boundaries, goals and expectations. Share with the team what makes you happy and what doesn’t, and have them reciprocate.

* Spend energy on customers and increasing revenue, not on internal drama.

* Ensure that leaders are absorbing and amplifying the right points. Make sure that leaders have time for hearing directly from you.

* Take 10 percent of your time and invest in your leaders of tomorrow. Take time for the highest performers.