8 Ways To Find And Retain The Best Managers And Staff
    Motivating and keeping quality employees is something nonprofit CEO’s face regularly. So hiring people who are loyal to your organization is one thing, but maintaining production value and retaining those go-getters is something Here are some tips.

  • Ensuring Recognition. We all love recognition, a pat on the back, a bonus check, day off. One size does not fit all. What’s important to one employee may not be to another.
  • Nurturing Careers. Giving your team the opportunities to explore other areas of the organization is key to nurturing. That serves you, the organization and that means that you’re going to hold on to this intellectual capital.
  • Team Collaboration. As a manager, as a leader, how do you work with your team? How do you help them to work together? It’s more than just holding on to people for an additional day, week, month. It’s about bringing in the right people to begin with.
  • Every HR department has to master recruitment. You have to meet those needs and set parameters. If you do that, you gain instant credibility. People will trust your department can accomplish its goals and help improve the organization.
  •  Establish partnerships with your customers. “Customers” here means the supervisors who need positions filled. Understand their challenges.
  •  Speak from facts, not fiction. You should know how long it takes to hire people. You should know the average stay at the job. You can’t (hire) someone in a week.
  • Recognize when you need outside technical advice. The HR person is not expected to know everything about labor law, for example. Or consider hiring a broker to handle benefits for an organization. A broker is not an unusual thing for a nonprofit.
  •  Think through what additional services your HR department can provide. It helps to reinforce what you are trying to accomplish.