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7 website elements that keep visitors

When a supporter or potential donor visits your charity’s website from a tablet or smart phone, it’s not the same experience as if they visited via a laptop or desktop. It’s important to take that into account when considering your nonprofit’s mobile website.

“Your Mission is Mobile,” a guide to mobile fundraising from PayPal and Network for Good published last year, offers seven best practices for nonprofits on mobile:

  •  Keep it simple: Clean design improves usability and can boost conversion rates by removing distractions.
  • Write short and sweet: Reduce the amount of text on each page and break up text with headings.
  • Put content where users expect it: Consider what action you want to inspire on each page and make it easy to accomplish.
  • Look at links and buttons: Provide enough space so users don’t click the wrong link or button.
  • Make it snappy: Avoid pop-ups and animation files that require browser plug-ins and instead employ single images and clear, compelling copy.
  • Minimize data entry: Use autofills where possible and allow for guest users instead of requiring signup.
  • Fewer clicks = more donations: Create fields that are clear and easy to navigate.

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