7 Triggers For Donor Reaction

It can be extremely risky to calculate what makes humans tick. Research and hard experience have offered insights that might prove helpful to fundraisers, even if those insights might sound bizarre.

Geoffrey W. Peters, CEO of Moore DM Group, has unearthed several interesting, if head-shaking, items of interest about philanthropic solicitation, the donor and commercial marketing tactics. Who knew, for example:

* When calling on a major donor prospect it is wise to bring a warm cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate along with a biscuit or candy, and to sit to the right of the prospect. Warm beverage=warm person. Right side: the emotional brain hemisphere;
* Even a 16-millisecond subliminal image of a smile (or frown) would affect how much people would pay for a drink or would cause an unconscious shift in people’s emotional state.
* Flattery, even flattery that is perceived as insincere, has a positive effect on outcomes.
* The two visual features to which the brain pays the closest attention are faces and hands.
* Sadness, as an emotion, is not processed like pain. Therefore, people can make the journey from sadness to happiness/reward by involvement or action.
* There is a significant difference in willingness to negotiate to a compromise by those sitting in soft chairs vs. hard chairs.
* For prices, whole numbers aren’t viewed as credible. “Your $24.78 will feed a child for a week” is seen as more credible than “Your $25…”