7 things to know about SEO

Search Engine Optimization. Say that 10 times real fast.

The term (or just SEO) might not roll smoothly off the tongue, but it means making sure that an organization can be found easily and in as many possible ways through search engines.

Speaking during a recent marketing conference, Kara Stolpinski and Sam Minnis of Nexus Direct and Gary Westermark of TIAA-CREF, said there are seven things an organization must know about SEO, questions it must be able to answer.

They are:

Content. How does the content speak to everything the organization does, and how is it found?

Technical. The organization/site has great content, but is in indexed correctly as not to confuse search engines?

Social. How does the organization’s SEO plan fit in with social this year?

Combining SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC). Can they play together and help increase leads and conversions?

Planning. What are Google and other search engines planning for the rest of the year?

Analytics/tools. Is the organization tracking its conversions and does it know its return on investment (ROI) from its SEO efforts?

Mobile SEO. Optimizing a mobile device is different from a desktop, and with the increase in mobile devices, is this at the forefront of a strategic plan, as it has to be?