7 Reasons Millennials Give

The top reason Millennials choose to give to nonprofits is because the organization inspires them. And, according to a marketing research firm serving nonprofits, inspiring them is worth your time. Totaling 80 million people, Millennials are expected to make up 50 percent of the work force by 2020, said Caryn Stein, a vice president of marketing at Ruffalo Noel Levits, which serves educational and other fundraising clients nationwide.

“Millennials prefer to give to organizations that personalize their approach,” said Stein, in a presentation to participants in the National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC), held in National Harbor, Md. And more than 70 percent of millennials have urged others to give, the presentation noted.

The six other top reasons millennials say they are motivated to give are:

  • There is a specific example of how their gift will make an impact;
  • Their gift will be matched;
  • The nonprofit helps them or someone they know;
  • A family member or friend asked them to give;
  • A fundraising goal is specified; and.
  • They are on a board or in a leadership position.