6 ways to marry creativity and methodology

Creative spark and a methodical approach might seem like a couple that should never be introduced to each other.

During the 2015 Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference Katherine Bowen of The Nature Conservancy and Shannon Baccaglini of Wolf Trap Foundation said that The Marriage of Creativity and Methodology can lead to winning retention strategies, keeping the cash flowing year round, rather than a tumultuous union bound for divorce.

They emphasized the marriage in the following areas:

Timing. Wolf Trap has benefits tied to event or season and smaller file size. The Nature Conservancy ties them to the timing of the join or the rejoin. Benefits tied to rolling receipt of the magazine. This ensures a full year cash flow from the renewal program and allows for more opportunities for refinement and testing.

Frequency. Seek opportunities for increased touch points. Are there skip months that could be producing revenue?

Dedicated donors. Are there opportunities to better retain them? Overlap renewals and appeals.

Remember sustainers. Wolf Trap sends annual upgrading for sustainers.

Channels. Cultivate donors through a multi-channel renewal approach. The Nature Conservancy aligns across multiple internal teams and external partners, all aligning to single fundraising goals and strategies.

Messaging. Know the audience. Have a strong and clear case for giving. Answer the questions: Why give to the mission?; Why give now?; and, Why give to this organization.