6 ways to diversify your volunteer pool

Just as in fundraising, it is important to appeal to diverse communities to volunteer for your organization. Not only are their many more people able to interview in these communities, but also they could be untapped resources when it comes to fundraising.

In his book The Complete Idiots Guide to Recruiting & Managing Volunteers, John L. Lipp, spells out six suggestions that can help add diverse volunteers to your program.

  • Starts at the top: Begin by diversifying your volunteer leadership. This shows that diversity is a priority and can open up ways for recruitment.
  • Communicate correctly: With the images and brochures distributed t potential volunteers; make sure they represent a cross section of ages and ethnicities.
  • Reach out: Connect with foreign-language publications and ask them to run stories about your organizations
  • It all about the “ask:” Look to the volunteers you have already. Ask them to reach out to different people in their community
  • Local celebrity: Make sure your recruitment materials are clearly posted in neighborhoods and community centers. People should know what your organization does.
  • Outside help: Ask other organizations to give you guidance on how to reach to diverse volunteers.