6 Ways Of Embracing New Ideas

New ideas are the lifeblood of any organization. They keep the organization fresh and interesting, while appealing to people in new ways.

During a session at the recent Cause Marketing Forum annual conference in Chicago called “Get Your Creative Juices Flowing,” speakers Phil Haid from Public and Joe Waters from Selfish Giving address six ideas to jumpstart your organization:

* Use a matrix to pick the best program. Create an asset analysis to determine what resources and opportunities are available in addition to discovering what will be easiest and have the highest return on investment.
* Experiment with different platforms. By having different channels to access information, your organization reaches people it might not have previously reached.
* Feed your brain to discover new ideas. Websites like Pinterest allow you to be exposed to new ideas in addition to organizing them all in one place.
* Believe in the power of purpose. Instead of thinking of problems as problems, view them as opportunities. Nonprofits can help for-profits build social issues into corporate strategy.
* Provide a different point of view. By taking this approach, people will see things from a different perspective.
* Guerilla-fy your marketing. By taking your message to the street, you achieve one-on-one, personal engagement with your audience. This increases loyalty and support of your message.

Embracing new ideas is the key to an organization’s success, as it engages your audience and keeps them from losing your message in the flurry of other organizations out there.