6 Questions For Cyber Outsourcing

The increasingly complicated nature of computer networking has caused many organizations and for-profits to outsource either some or all of their computer operations, and many have experienced great success by doing so.

Just bringing in an outside expert is no assurance of smooth operations, however, and it is not even a guarantee that there will be no risk of damage, to an organization’s operations (computer or otherwise) or its fundraising.

During the Nonprofit Risk Management Center’s 2016 Risk Summit, Jim Jackson and Paul Henry, director of campus operations and IT and network administrator/engineer, respectively, of Momentous Institute, offered this caution: Don’t think that because an organization outsources its IT services that it doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Jackson and Henry said that any executive looking at outsourcing IT operations must take into consideration the following:

  • What warranties exist to protect the organization against harm/loss caused by the contractor’s negligence?
  • Does the contractor have a good reputation among its client base?
  • What happens if the principal of the contracting firm gets hit by the proverbial bus?
  • What type of firewall does the contractor employ?
  • What is the contractor’s guaranteed up time?
  • Get it in writing.