6 Mobile Fundraising Ideas That Are Really Digital

Online giving continues to grow, and mobile giving continues to be a large proportion of online giving each year. That’s why it’s important for fundraisers to be adept at digital fundraising, regardless of their size.

Rachel Clemens, chief marketing officer at Mighty Citizen, an Austin, Texas-based digital marketing communications firm, and Kris Leja, executive director of Summer Search Bay Area in San Francisco, presented eight examples of successful digital fundraising campaigns during a session titled, “Digital Envy: Showcasing the best of digital fundraising,” (#18NTCdigitalenvy) at the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans, La. in April.

Each campaign had its own unique, individual goals, whether that was raising money or increasing engagement. Each also had some common traits that fundraisers can emulate, whether they have a big budget or a small budget.

    Clemens and Leja offered a half-dozen takeaways from those case studies that fundraisers can employ in their own digital fundraising campaigns:

  • Speak to your audiences in their voice;
  • Be creative;
  • Help others fundraise for you;
  • Be ready to go when a crisis raises;
  • Thank and thank again; and,
  • A little risk-taking can see big gains.