6 ideas for your board committee

Planned giving committees can do an enormous amount of good for nonprofit organizations, but they don’t just come together at random, nor do they operate efficiently and effectively without care and attention.

John Elbare, founder of Florida Philanthropic Advisors, has assembled a list of best practices for developing a planned giving committee. Above all, he says, keep the committee work interesting.

  • Meet only two or three times each year and make the meetings interesting. Consider offering a continuing education (CE) credit presentation on a planned giving topic.
  • Publish a directory of planned giving committee members and make it available to volunteers, donors and board members.
  • Get out and visit each member at least once a year, building a personal relationship. Ask each member for advice at least once a year.
  • Recognize committee members with plaques and certificates. Lest them on the organization’s Website and in its publications.
  • Invite them to all significant events. Suggest that they use these events to entertain clients.
  • Treat committee members like VIPs in the organization.