6 essentials to a quality fundraising video

Though nonprofit managers come from a wide variety of disciplines from business to social work to law, film tends not to be one of them. With fundraisers looking at film as a means of getting advocacy messages to the public, some managers might be struggling with the ABCs of creating a successful video.

During their workshop “Streaming Video for Fundraising” at the National Catholic Development Conference, David Harl, producer at Pinnacle Productions Film and Media in Lexington, Ky., and Guy Adams, president of the Christian Appalachian Project in Lexington, Ky., listed the six elements of an effective fundraising video.

  • A clear message. Make the case for support personal and emotional.
  • Stick to a few main points. Remember that less is more.
  • Good writing. The script, copy and storyboard should all be well written.
  • Include moving testimonials.
  • Stimulate your audience visually. Make sure that imagery is compelling.
  • Add to your presentation with editing style and the sound track. Use them to engage the audience.