6 elements for internal newsletters

Employee newsletters can be effective ways of keeping the workforce focused and energized, or they can add to the employee’s recycling pile at home. How can an organization make internal newsletters a positive force in the life of workers?

In their book “Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements,” Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond write that success comes from having perfect announcement mindsets. This includes:

  • The organization newsletter is a valuable communication tool that serves multiple purposes, which might include informing employees about new services and initiatives, sharing good news about promotions, announcing new members to the team, announcing or reinforcing an organization-wide direction change or motivating employees.
  • The newsletter can not only announce but also reinforce a policy change or process improvement.
  • An organization can announce training seminars and other personal improvement or skill enhancement opportunities.
  • The newsletter provides a forum for key issues and a place for visible employee recognition. Newsletters can serve to elicit opinions and ideas for the improvement of processes or services. They can also provide reinforcement for mission, vision, values and goals.
  • Newsletters are excellent vehicles to fuel community service initiatives.
  • It can be a good idea to include a “family” corner that highlights family events such as the birth of a child, a graduation or another achievement.