6 cloud computing tips

By now the cloud has become the storage haven for countless individuals and organizations. Ease of access and freedom from costly upgrades or repairs are usually counted among the chief benefits from cloud computing.

Still, there are risks, and many organizations worry about confidential information becoming available to people who do not have the best interests of nonprofits or their stakeholders. They also worry that their use of the cloud can serve as a deterrent for those individuals who want to support an organization or cause but have fears about their privacy.

Speaking during the recent AICPA Not-For-Profit Executive Forum, Chris Kradjan and Kevin Villanueva of accounting firm Moss Adams said that cloud computing is here to stay and that, although it has risks, it is worth utilizing.

It is necessary to exercise caution and stay vigilant. They suggested the following considerations for organizations pondering joining or continuing to use the cloud:

  • Significant benefits will drive adoption, despite the concerns.
  • Avoid the hype and focus on where the cloud has value for the organization.
  • Institute solutions with sufficient demand and market scale.
  • Focus on vendor selection, management and due diligence.
  • Know and manage the risks.
  • Do not transfer all control responsibility.