5 ways to juice up a special event

The cyber-world is looking more and more like the world in general, and this is certainly true in the nonprofit sector. Fundraising approaches that were once considered the sole property of traditional methods are moving into the digital age.

That includes events and event giving.

Speaking during a recent conference, representatives of MobileCause revealed that mobile-friendly solutions can be use in a variety of ways, enough to increase event giving by 35 percent and cut administrative time by 50 percent. Going mobile for an event can make it easy to collect registrations, sell tickets, send alerts, display pledges and even collect donations at events. Fundraising thermometers have been shown to increase donations by as much as 35 percent.

The MobileCause folks offered these keys to success:

  1. Integrate text, email, social media and direct mail marketing;
  2. Send email and text reminders leading up to and after an event;
  3. Make an effective call to action for mobile pledges and display live totals. Be sure to include offline gifts in total figures;
  4. Collect pledges from both attendees and non-attendees. Have a mobile credit card swiper fulfillment option; and,
  5. Effectively thank donors and have a plan to engage them in future campaigns.