5 Ways Leaders Get Prospects To Give

Enlisting support for an organization or cause is often a matter of getting people to make decisions.

While it might seem as though all decision-making is a process of moving from beginning to end, the variety of personalities and approaches shown by human beings can affect the way decisions are made in certain circumstances.

During the recent Association of Fundraising Professionals international fundraising conference, William F. Bartolini of The Ohio State University said that researchers Don Lavallo and Olivier Sibony have documented certain decision styles and techniques, and understanding them can help fundraisers guide prospects to making decisions more effectively. The styles are:

* Visionary. This leader is a champion for radical change with a natural gift for leading people through turbulent times and might be too quick to rush in the wrong direction.

* Guardian. This leader is a model of fairness who preserves health, balance and values. Might be blind to a desperate need for change.

* Motivator. This person is a compelling leader for change with an excellent ability to build alignment; a strong, charismatic storyteller. Might believe the vision at the expense of facts.

* Flexible. The most versatile, this person is comfortable with uncertainty, open-minded in adapting and willing to involve others in making a decision. Might explore too many potential solutions, leading to “paralysis by analysis.”

* Catalyst. A true champion of group decision-making, this leader is a balanced decision-maker, relatively resilient to biases.