5 Ways to Connect with Donors Online

Effective use of multiple digital channels is the key to increasing donor response and total revenue. There’s nothing new in the concept.

What was new during a session titled “Rapid Fire Ideas for Digital Fundraising” at the recent Fundraising Day in New York importance of creating accessible channels for donors across social media and email, not just having them.

Paul Habig, president of Sanky Communications and SankyNet, Carla Perlowin, director of digital fundraising for Covenant House, and Jason Wilson, director of digital fundraising at No Kid Hungry, part of share of Strength, kicked around several ideas including:

* One essential tactic for organizations is the upgrade model. By using a one-time ask and then providing donors with the option to upgrade to monthly gifts creates a duty for the donor to make their generosity last longer.

* Also important is putting a monthly giving option on the homepage of your website. More people convert to monthly giving compared to one-time donations when the monthly giving option is highlighted as the first thing on the homepage.

* To have a have a strong social community, organizations must have great, relentless social media managers to keep consistent communication open across established and new social media. It is easier for donors to see the core goals of an organization by having up-to-date information and clear communication.

* Even though social media and other channels are emerging as strong tools for increasing revenue, email remains the most effective way to contact and engage donors. It is essential to keep emails short and sweet. The average person only spends 10 to 15 seconds on each email opened.

* Every interaction increases a donor’s lifetime value. By integrating communication streams across multiple channels, donor response and total revenue is increased.