5 things corporate decision-makers want

Knowing something about the individual on the other side of a fundraising request can be extremely helpful, and knowing something about the people who make decisions about cause related marketing could be helpful.

During the 2015 Cause Marketing Forum, Mollye Rhea of For Momentum and Chad Royal-Pascoe of Boys & Girls Clubs of America discussed a survey that was taken among a group of corporations or brands that have been involved in cause marketing ventures. This survey included some of the most recognizable names in American life.

The purpose of the survey was to learn what was on the minds of corporate decision-makers, those who have a say in whether a company will engage in a venture with a nonprofit. Survey results include:

46 percent of respondents have multiple philanthropic areas of interest (e.g., hunger, education) and work with several nonprofits on these issues;

56 percent do not have a set calendar to select new partners. It depends on the opportunity;

73 percent said that partnership implementation takes from three to 12 months;

50 percent have a formal application process; and,

92 percent said that brand alignment is the most important factor when selecting a partner.