5 steps of asking

Like most endeavors, asking potential donors for money can be difficult, But, during the National Catholic Development Conference last fall, Brian Saber, president of Asking Matters, said that asking can be approached in five steps, with the person doing the asking being mindful at each step about his/her personality type or asking style.

The steps are:

  • Select prospects. Someone who is extroverted and analytic (Rainmaker) should think of top dollar, business contacts and new prospects. Someone who is extroverted and intuitive (Go-Getter) should think of friends, acquaintances and new prospects. Someone who is introverted and analytic (Mission Controller) should think of foundations, corporations and should-be-seen’s. Someone who is introverted and intuitive (Kindred Spirit) should think of people likely to say yes and friends of the organization.
  • Prepare to meet. For the Rainmaker: A detailed review, prospect research and clarifying goals. For the Go-Getter: Summary review, practice out loud, talk to others. For the Mission Controller: Detailed review, written script, practice sessions. For the Kindred Spirit: Refresh mission, visit program, prepare questions.
  • Set up meeting. Rainmaker and Mission Controller: Send material. Go-Getter and Kindred Spirit: Bring material.
  • Ask for the gift. Settle. Confirm (Is it all right if I ask questions?). Explore (May I tell you about current projects?). Present. Explore (Would you consider a gift of $___?) Confirm.
  • Follow through. Offer immediate thanks. Alert everyone. Take the necessary next steps.