5 Requirements Of A Major Gifts Officer

Finding the right fit for any position can be tricky but worthwhile. Finding the best person for the position of major gifts officer can be especially beneficial.

Certainly an ability to fundraise is important at any level of nonprofit operations, but courting major gifts often takes a special set of skills that go beyond a simple willingness to approach people and ask them for money. Because securing major gifts can involve a long-term approach, patience is required, as is an ability to get to know potential major donors beyond the size and nature of their portfolios.

Humans make mistakes, but mistakes made at this level can have far-reaching consequences.

Speaking at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Fundraising Conference, Jack Doyle, president of Amergent, said that experience has shown that there are certain noticeable characteristics about a person that could point to someone being a good choice for the job of major gifts officer.

The characteristics are:
• Passionate about the work;
• Believes in the mission;
• Knows where the big fish could be;
• Always has a plan to achieve positive outcomes; and,
• Adaptable to the unexpected opportunity.